Windows vs Linux

Windows vs. Linux is the most frequently asked question in the world of operating systems. Although it is difficult to say which one amongst them is better? As both are developed to target different kinds …

Windows vs. Linux

Windows vs. Linux is the most frequently asked question in the world of operating systems. Although it is difficult to say which one amongst them is better?

As both are developed to target different kinds of audiences. So, they both have many different qualities.

But this article has all the qualities and differences of both Windows and Linux. Read the complete article to get your answer.  

Operating system:

It is the low-level system software used to handle the hardware and software resources of a computer.

It also facilitates the computer with task scheduling, resources, and memory management, controlling peripherals.

What is Windows?

Windows is a licensed operating system with an inaccessible source code. It is specially designed for business and commercial users with no specific knowledge of computer programming.

As it consists of graphical icons, so it is user-friendly. It’s like a virtual desktop where everything is placed in the form of pictures, and when you click on any of the icons that will open in the form of a window.

The first version of Windows was released in 1983. It is available with the standards of 32 and 64 bits in the market.

Features of Windows:

  • Portability
  • Extensibility
  • Multiple operating environment
  • Client – server computing
  • Symmetric multiprocessing
  • Integrated caching
  • Virtual memory
  • Preemptive scheduling

Built-in applications in Windows:

Windows StoreIt has all the data of movies and TV shows
Internet ExplorerThe default browser of Microsoft Windows
MailDefault e-mailing area
CalendarBuilt-in calendar by Microsoft
People and messagingUse to find people and message them
WeatherBuilt-in weather forecaster
NewsBuilt-in news broadcaster
PhotosTo view photos in the system
Videos and MusicTo play videos and music in the system
GamesBuilt-in games provided
MapsMaps facility by Microsoft
CameraBuilt-in camera application
RecorderTo record voice
One NoteCloud by Microsoft

Programming language of Windows:

The kernel of Windows is mostly written in C language with several parts in assembly language.

Advantages and disadvantages of Windows:

Supports more than 95%of the hardware devicesit is easily attacked by a virus.  
Easy to understand and use.  Most of the software that is supported is not free.  
Best platform for gamers and software development.  The system will slow down when much software runs at the same time.  
It has plug-and-play features that make the PC easy to move.  It requires high memory to install.  
It is both desktop and touch screen friendly.   

What is Linux?

Linux is an open-source operating system that means users can access its source code easily. It is specially designed for developers and programmers.

The source code for Linux is under copyright by its numerous individual creators and is authorized under the GPLv2 permit.

Features of Linux operating system:

Following are the main features of the Linux operating system.

  • Portability
  • Security
  • Open source
  • Multi user
  • Multiprogramming
  • Hierarchical file system
  • Shelling

Built-in applications in Linux:

Image editorTo edit images
Audio editorTo edit audios
Video editorTo edit videos
Email clientBuilt-in emailing facility
Personal communicationFor casual communication
Screen recording and screamingTo record the current activities on screen
Task managerManage the tasks by the OS
GamesBuilt-in games
Media playerTo play audio and video files
Open-source media converterVideo and sound converter
Backup toolsTo store the backup of files
PDF editing toolsTo edit PDF files
Text editorTo write and edit text

Advantages and disadvantages of Linux:

It is more secureIt isn’t easy to troubleshoot with Linux.  
It is more vulnerableIt does not support games.  
Most of the software that it supports is free.  It has less technical support.  
It is stable.  It does not support much hardware.  
It does not slow down the system while running multiple programs.   
It gives choices for many programs.   

Programing language of Linux:

The kernel of Linux is also written in the C language mostly.

Windows vs. Linux

Linux has 4 types of users i-e administrative, regular, and service users.  Windows has 3 types of users i-e administrative, standard, child, and guest.
Linux is generally implied on serious computer users. Therefore it is mostly used by enterprise users regardless of its GUI.Windows is specially designed for non-technical users as well. Users find it friendly and easy to use.
Linux is a well secure OS as it easily detects bugs and fixes them.While due to the huge amount of users of windows, hackers target windows accounts easily.
Peripheral devices like hard drives, CD-ROM printers, etc., are treated as files in Linux.Whereas in windows, they are treated as devices.
Linux saves its files in a tree structure form.  Windows save its files in folders within directories.
In Linux, the system and program files are placed in different directories.While in windows, they are usually saved in the C drive.  
One can save 2 files with the same name in a single directory in Linux.Windows do not allow saving 2 files having the same name within a single directory.
In Linux, the users can access the source code.Whereas the source code is inaccessible in windows OS.  
Linux is extremely custom build according to the user needsWhile there are only a few options of customization in Windows  
Linux facilitates to completion of difficult tasks easily but is complex to install.While windows provide easiness to the user but it takes a long time to install.  
In Linux, users have the choice of when do they want to install the updates.However, in windows, the timings of the updates pop up are inconvenient, and it becomes irritated sometimes.  
Linux has an integral property to stop at various run levels, so if the user has any issue, they can resolve it through the command line or CUI.While in windows, if any problem is experienced, one should wait for the program to reach run level 3 so that the administrator could find and fix the problem.  
Linux uses a rigid kernel that requires large space to runWhile windows use a microkernel that requires less space to run.  
Linux is a good option for programming and open-source functionalities because it defines a vast range of services for programming purposes.  Windows is a relatively good choice for multimedia and gaming, as it provides more easiness and options to the users.

Why Linux is more secure than Windows?

The high-tech security of Linux is one of the main reasons for its popularity amongst high-tech computer users.

Although Linux has an open-source code due to its strong user community, they configure any issue and effectively solve it before any hacker target it.

On the other hand windows, users cannot fix any bug. As they do not have access to the source code, they are not allowed to modify it.

To solve any issue in the OS, the windows users need to contact the Microsoft team.

As in windows, users have complete access to admin accounts. So, whenever any virus is embedded, it affects everything in the account.

Whereas Linux users do not have full access, so a large number of their accounts are secured.

Why Linux is faster than Windows?

The reasons behind the fast speed of Linux are: Linux is lightweight, whereas windows are heavy in terms of the aftereffects of its updates.

On the other hand, Windows runs many programs in the background, which acquires a large space in RAM.

Linux has an organized file management system. The files in Linux are placed close to each other in the form of pieces. While in windows, the files are placed anywhere and everywhere.

Windows vs. Linux – in terms of performance:

It is a well-known fact by the users of supercomputers and clients in big computer industries that the performance of Linux is far better.

The users of Linux like it due to its fast and smooth performance. At the same time, Windows has a bad reputation of being slower and slower with every update.

Linux is also superior to windows in the core compatibility of operating systems like memory management, file management, thread handling, i/o handling, etc.

Compatibility of Windows and Linux:

The compatibility layer for running the Linux binary and carry out in ELF format constitutionally on Windows 10, 11, and Windows Server 2019 is Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Windows vs. Linux – which is better?

Both the operating systems are unique and developed for different kinds of users. Each operating system serves its best to fulfill the different user needs and market requirements.

Linux, on the one hand, provides high speed and security. At the same time, windows, on the other hand, provide a user-friendly and easy-to-use system for non-technical users.

If you want to use your computer for entertainment purposes, then Windows is a good option. But for fast and secure programming and developing purpose, Linux is a better option.


It is hard to answer the Windows vs. Linux question. It is difficult to say that which operating system is better between Windows and Linux. The choice for the OS completely depends on the user’s needs and requirements.

Both the OS developed to give their 100% to meet the demands of the users. In a nutshell, it can be said that if the user is a developer or a technical person with good computer knowledge and wants to do programming and development on the PC and otherwise wants entertainment-free software, then Linux is a good option.

But if the user is more into the entertainment side or the user runs its business scheduling and does not have much computer technical knowledge and on the same side wants to develop, then Windows is a good option.

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