How to Unpartition a Hard Drive?

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What is the need to unpartition a hard drive?

If you want to sell out your PC, you need to delete all your data and unpartiton your hard drive completely OR if you want to reformat drives such as C drive need more space than assigned,  you need to delete one of the volumes and re-allocate to C Drive. Unpartitioned of a hard drive partition erase all the data inside partitions. 

How to Unpartition a Hard Drive in Windows 10?

Deleting Internal Partition using Disk Management tool

  1. Go to the Windows search bar and search for “Create and format hard disk drive
Unpartition a Hard Drive

2. Disk Management Window will open, and all system, primary and logical partitions will display as below:

3. Right-click to select the specific volume that you want to delete.

Unpartition a Hard Drive

4. Click right on selected Volume and click on Delete Volume from the drop-down menu.

Unpartition a Hard Drive

5. A dialog box will open that shows the warning that all data will be deleted if you proceed with the Yes button.

Unpartition a Hard Drive

This procedure lasts as long as the size of data inside a hard drive and shows this kind of unallocated space. This unallocated space helps to extend other partitions.

Unpartition a Hard Drive

Tips: If you select the system partition to delete,  Delete Volume will be grayed. As shown below,  you cannot delete the system partition by using Disk Management.

Unpartition a Hard Drive
  • If the deletion process applies on the primary partition, the obtained space is called unallocated disk space. 
  • If you select a logical partition to delete via Disk Management, the obtained space is called free space. If you want to unallocate a  space, delete again free space. All the data inside the hard drive will be deleted as a result of unpartition of a hard drive.

For the Delete External partition, the drive that you want to partition is connected via USB cable and switch on the drive. The further procedure is the same as the above procedure. 


This article covers the solution of  “How to Unpartition a Hard Drive?”. Mostly people, who want to sell out their PC OR want to extend the storage of a volume by deleting other unused partitions, face issues. This article is helpful to delete partitions with Disk Management Tool without using any external software. Unpartition of a hard drive deletes all the data inside that drive.

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