Unable to locate adb

What is unable to locate adb? What can cause this? By what method we can solve this? Table of Contents What is unable to locate adb?What can cause this? By what method we can solve this?Antivirus …

Unable to locate adb
  • What is unable to locate adb?
  • What can cause this?
  • By what method we can solve this?

What is unable to locate adb?

An error message arises in your android studio when you try to run your android application.

Due to some issue arising in adb.exe and shows an error message “unable to locate adb.”

What can cause this?

It arises due to:

  • Antivirus software or windows defender corrupted 
  • SDK platform tools are not installed
  • Cannot locate the Android SDK path or problem with AVD

 By what method we can solve this?

To solve the “unable to locate adb” error message. You can follow the methods mentioned below.

Antivirus software or windows defender. 

If it is because of some restriction from your antivirus software or windows defender 


  • Go to the anti-virus chest.
  • Search adb.exe
  • Then, give it a look completely if it is present
  • Then, restore it
Unable to locate adb
  • Try to run again.

 SDK Platform-tools are not installed.

 The most common reason is the problem in SDK platform-tools

For this, check SDK directory or platform-tools directory If not exist or some issue in it then, follow the steps

  • Open SDK Manager in android studio.
  • Click on SDK tools 
  • Next, install Android SDK Platform-tools.
  • If they are already installed, then update them.
Unable to locate adb

If it still shows the same error message “unable to locate adb” then, reinstall SDK-Tools.

All you need to do is to follow the steps.

  • Open the Standalone SDK manager.
  • Then, uninstall the android SDK platform tools.
  • Next, delete your SDK directory or platform tools.
  • Then, install them again using SDK manager.

Cannot locate the Android SDK path or problem with AVD.

This error message may appear because of some problem with AVD Manager.

  • Go to the file
  • Then, the project manager
  • Select project settings
  • Then, project and
  • Then, choose project SDK

*Which is not set to the SDK by default.

If in the dropdown you don’t find anything, then don’t get worried.

  • Select new 
  • Select Android SDK
  • And search your Android SDK location

(Like, C:\User..)

Then, you can easily select the Android API xx platform.

Indeed this will resolve your error and won’t show up again.


Unable to locate adb” is an error message that pops-up; when you want to run the application.

It can arise due to some anti-virus hindrance which is stopping the adb.exe file from running.

Or SDK platform tools are encountering this error or when you cannot locate the android SDK path or some problem.

In this article, we mentioned the detailed solution for the problems generating this error message.

Hopefully, these methods will resolve your issue.

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