Top 6 PHP Alternatives Advantages and Disadvantages

PHP is one of the oldest server-side scripting languages using moreover 75% of all websites. 8 out of 10 websites on the Internet are based on PHP. It is older than 25 years and still …

PHP Alternatives

PHP is one of the oldest server-side scripting languages using moreover 75% of all websites. 8 out of 10 websites on the Internet are based on PHP. It is older than 25 years and still much growing as it matured.

The latest version, PHP8 which enhanced the performance and sped up to 100% with low memory usage than the older version. There are some PHP alternatives for uncomfortable PHP programming or want to work with other programming technologies.

Reason Behind why we use PHP PHP Pros
  • Run-on various platforms.
  • There is a large community of PHP that provides immediate bits of help when you are facing a problem with code.
  • Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony, and Zend Framework are the most popular framework and libraries of PHP.
  • Easily embedded into HTML.
  • Highly scalable.
That provide a root to PHP alternatives PHP Cons
  • According to IT experts, PHP is a poorer language in terms of reliability. It has security flaws.
  • Beginners prefer to learn Python rather than PHP because of simple programming for web application
  • it required a basic understanding of HTML.
  • Other server languages are a bit faster than PHP.
  • Bad error handle.

1. JavaScript

6 PHP Alternatives Advantages and Disadvantages

NodeJS is a server-side  JavaScript running time environment that helps to make web pages. A high-level language gives web pages interactive elements that engage customers, where HTML and CSS give structure and style to the web page. All browsers support JavaScript because It is lightweight and efficient.

Comparison between Node.js and PHP

Node.js is web-oriented, open-source, and works on web development.PHP is also web-oriented, open-source, and works on web development.
NodeJS can use for both small and heavy websites.PHP mostly use for simple sites and applications.
It is lightweight and faster.PHP is slower as compared to NodeJS

2. Ruby

6 PHP Alternatives Advantages and Disadvantages

Ruby is a powerful dynamic, user-friendly language that is focused on simplicity and performance. Web development framework for Ruby, Rails, take the language at the top of popularity. Rails famous and attracted by developers for its rapid prototyping and Convention-Over-Configuration pattern.

Rails are not the only framework for ruby, but Sinatra, Hana, Cuba, and few others. Ruby mostly works for regular web applications, custom database solutions, and rapid prototyping.

Comparison between Ruby and PHP

User-friendly language with high performanceHard to write code in PHP and have high performance
Ruby on rails has plugins that make faster the process of development.PHP also has plugins that make faster the process of development.
It is easy to work in the database in Ruby. Ruby is the best option for e-commerce applications.PHP is the best choice for Web Applications

3. Golang 

6 PHP Alternatives Advantages and Disadvantages

Go, or Golang, is a rich compiled parallel programming language that is created by Google. It is relatively a new language as compared to PHP, Ruby, and Python. It is a bit simpler language than python. It is developed out of the need for a scalable solution.

It is quick to understand and used language. Go is used for is distributed networked services, cloud-native development, cloud services, replacements for existing infrastructure, media platforms that contain high loads such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Netflix, and premises services.

Comparison between Golang and PHP

Golang is a simpler language to learn, use for the compilation of machine code.PHP syntax is comparatively hard to learn, used as the scripting language for server-side.
It is used for rapid development.PHP is a bit slower than Golang.
Golang is a static typed, fast to execute language that inherits C language syntax with advanced features.PHP is a dynamic-typed and partially OOP-based language.

4. Java

6 PHP Alternatives Advantages and Disadvantages

Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language that forces programmers to write more structured and clean code. It is a complex language with several benefits.

It is a synchronized class-based language that is used to develop web and android Applications. Java syntax is like C++, but it strictly follows the OOP concept, unlike C++. It is portable to run on various platforms. It is a fast language due to following the language structure strictly.

Comparison between Java and PHP

 Java is a large source of resources and external libraries. PHP is a cheap source as compared to java. 
Over 13  old languages and has a large community behind it to make it an industry standard.PHP also has a large  community
updating from time to time still, it is slower take  time to bring Java-based web applications in the marketPHP based application takes less time to bring web applications in the market.

5. Python

6 PHP Alternatives Advantages and Disadvantages

Python is a simple language with sig indentation. Django is a python high-level framework for full-stack web development. It allows developers to develop customized websites without additional lines of code as compared to other programming languages.

Django uses python, which is lightweight and easier to load web pages without page loading errors. Django is the most beloved framework of python because of its flexibility and ease to use.

This language is the best option for managing many data because of its implementation in machine learning. Its community is increasing day by day to make great documentation of the language with developers’ contributions.

Comparison between Python and PHP

Python is used for server-side web development as well as for machine learning technology.PHP can only be used for server-side development
Python is superior to PHP in terms of library maintenance and ease of learning.PHP syntax is hard to write and have less readability
Python debugging speed is the same but low execution speedThe execution speed of PHP is 3 times faster than Python.

6. C#

6 PHP Alternatives Advantages and Disadvantages

C# is a logical language and a strong option in terms of performance. It is closely related to the ASP.NET Framework, which provides many useful libraries that make C# the best solution for writing Windows programs.

It does not require any external library to build the applications. Although it performs for Windows, it can also work on other Operating Systems such as Linux.

Comparison between C# and PHP 

C# is OOP based general-purpose language mostly used in non-web applications.PHP is a server-side language used for the Web services such as database, Form submission, data gathering, etc.
It Is used in Windows Operating System based applications. It has paid development tools and for Commercial use.PHP is an open-source language that is free to use on different platforms.
C# is a fast language to process.PHP is slower as compared to C#


In this article, we briefly discussed the Top 6 PHP alternatives and how these alternatives are better than PHP. We compared JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Golang, Python, and C# to PHP server-side language. Differences between PHP and their alternatives show which language is better to choose as our project need.

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