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HTTP error 503

What is HTTP error 503?

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol: HTTP error 503 is a response status code. It appears when your website or web page cannot handle the request at the moment; however, your web server operates ok.

If the website is facing this type of error, then the visitors will see an error page.

Causes of HTTP error 503:

The main cause of the problem of HTTP error 503 is the failure of communication between the website with its server. This can happen due to any kind of bug in the code of the website or any kind of maintenance problem under the server.

If there is any issue in the firewall of the server then this problem also takes birth as the firewall is the gateway that protects the website from poisonous visitors or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

How to fix the HTTP error 503:

Following mentioned solutions will lead you to remove this error.

  1. Solution 1: Restart the server: Every so often, your website will face the clogged server chain. The simplest and most effective way is to restart the server and if your website is hosted on multiple servers, then ensure to restart all of them.
  2. Solution 2: check if the web server is experiencing any maintenance: When the web servers are going through any kind of maintenance, they mostly tend to shut down. To resolve this, either access the administration settings of the server or see the configuration option check the schedule of automatic maintenance sessions. Or you can completely disable this automation configuration session option if you have full control over the server.
  3. Solution 3: Filter the server side logs: The server side log is of two types:

I. Application log that describes the entire history of your website.

II. Server log that describes the status of the server as well as the hardware over which the server is running.

Purify both the server-side logs to check any disturbing thing happening with the server or website.

4. Solution 4: Fix defective firewall configuration:

The server’s firewall is like a gatekeeper of the website. If it has some default at any point, then it will fail to recognize any request, and if it claims every request as fishy.

5. Solution 5: Check whether there is any bug in the website’s code: There may be a possibility that there is a bug in your code that has failed to answer the request. Either check your code by yourself, or you can copy your code into a development machine. It will find the bug, and you will easily tackle the problem.

HTTP error 503 variants:

  • 503 Service Unavailable
  • 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
  • HTTP Server Error 503
  • HTTP Error 503
  • Error 503 Service Unavailable
  • The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

HTTP error 503 – WordPress:

As those websites developed with a proper web development process, websites developed with WordPress also face this error. HTTP error 503 in WordPress indicates that the website cannot provide you the services that you ask for it.

Fix HTTP error 503 – WordPress:

There is a total of 6 steps to fix this issue in WordPress.

  • Temporarily deactivate the WordPress plugin.
  • Deactivate WordPress theme.
  • Temporarily disable the Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Limit the “Heartbeat” API of WordPress.
  • Increase the server’s resources.
  • Review the logs and enable WP- DEBUG.


HTTP error 503 indicates that the service you request from the server of the website is currently unavailable. As the service is unavailable, so you can only a blank page with an error indication.

The main cause of this error is the flow of heavy traffic on the website. if the website does not get this much traffic before so there is a chance of this error.

The other reason is that the Firewall of the website does not allow any suspicious user to enter the page and it disappears the availability of the site.

However, the issue can b fixed in multiple ways. Read the article to solve the problem.

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