FileRepMalware: How To Remove File Rep Malware Virus In Windows

FileRepMalware is a tag that some third-party antivirus groups will give to a file. It is normally related to a fake KMSPico. That is is an outsider tool used to start the windows without purchasing …


FileRepMalware is a tag that some third-party antivirus groups will give to a file. It is normally related to a fake KMSPico. That is is an outsider tool used to start the windows without purchasing the OS.

The FileRepMalware tag will be label to those files whose publishers did not sign the file, or if the signatures are not trustworthy.

If the file does not use by many users then the antivirus also sees this file suspiciously.  

How does antivirus identify FileRepMalware files?

Avast gives a file the FileRepMalware tag if the file meets the following conditions.

  • If the file have not been added to the Antivirus clean chest.
  • When no publisher signed the file or the signature are not trusted by the AV.
  • If not many users download, install or use the file.

Is FileRepMalware dangerous?

The tag to a suspicious file given by an antivirus does not make it dangerous. However, AVG and Avast are generally known for giving false-positive results for the file while analyzing them for FileRepMalware.

Avast will give the file a FileRepMalware tag as a warning as well if some users download, launch or use it.

Sometimes the files with poor reputation are also detected as FileRepMalware but again it can be a false-positive result.

How to acknowledge if FileRepMalware is dangerous?

The suspected file can easily be acknowledged as dangerous or not by using the VirusTotal tool.

The VirusTotal is a free online tool to detect if the files with FileRepMalware are a real threat or not.

The malware might take some time to aggregate and show the results.

How to remove FileRepMalware tag?

FileRepMalware is a tag given to a file by third-party software. The antivirus gives this tag to those files whose publishers didn’t sign the file or if the signature is not trustworthy by the antivirus.

Files contain this tag if a very less amount of users open the file or if none of the users placed the file in their favorites.

There are multiple solutions to this problem.

1. Use file Unblocker and Deleter for the suspicious file:

When the antivirus of your PC found some suspicious file and puts the tag of FileRepMalware, it automatically blocks the file so that it will not affect other files.

There are some special applications available on the internet that can first unblock the file and then delete them.

2. Check the affected file with VirusTotal: 

VirusTotal is an online tool to recognize whether the suspicious by the antivirus is really dangerous or not.

To recognize the danger in the affected file, follow the steps below.

1: Trace the location of the file that is being tagged as FileRepMalware by the antivirus in your computer.

2: Open your browser and go to VirusTotal.

3: From the page of VirusTolat, click on the File option.

4: Select the suspicious file from your PC by clicking on the Select file option.

5: If the file is dangerous then delete the file. Otherwise, you can keep it.

3. Uninstall Adware from your computer:

The best practice to remove this virus is to first uninstall the Adware from your computer. The following steps will lead you to do this.

1: Open the Control Panel from the Desktop or by searching it from the dialogue box of the Windows Start menu.

2: Then click on the Program and Features button that popup.

3: Now select the Adware file that you have been installed.

4: Remove the unwanted file.

4. Use MalwareBytes free version:

The virus-affected files can be removed by using Malwarebytes. The free version of  Malwarebytes is enough for our purpose. Follow the steps below to do so.

1: Download Malwarebytes from the official website.

2: When the downloading will complete, install the software on the computer.

3: After the completion of the installation, the software will ask for permission to modify.

4: Some on-screen instructions will pop up, install them by following the steps that are shown.

5: The software will ask you whether your computer is for personal use or for work use. Select according to your choice.

6: The installation process will continue.

7: When the program opens, click the Get started button to start the process.

8: It will give you two options (free and premium version) to choose between them.

9: If you want to buy the premium version go for it. But this task of removing the files with FileRepMalware can be removed by the free version easily.

10: Click the Free button to continue the process.

11: There you can see the Scan button. By clicking the scan button, Malwarebytes will start scanning all the files on your computer.

12: While scanning, if the software found any virus-affected file it will show a Quarantine button.

13: Click on the quarantine button to delete the affected files and registry keys.

14: To complete the process, Restart your computer.

5. Remove all plugins and extensions that are installed in your browser:

Sometimes the extensions that you are installed in your browser have some virus that will affect your computer.

If you are getting notifications of some affected files, this may be happened due to the virus extensions. Uninstalled all the extensions to remove FileRepMalware files.

To avoid this situation, install the extensions from the official websites. It is a good practice to go through the reviews before installing anything.  

FileRepMalware in cheat engines:

The common and non-technical users are always practiced installing the cracked version of every software. The gamers are practiced installing the cheat engine of the game.

But there is always a question that is these cracked versions and cheats engines have malware? Are they safe for you? Do we feel any kind of danger while installing them? etc.

The answer is not every time. But the cheat engines access some subroutines and Windows practiced to ignore them. If the user touches these subroutines then might have the chance that your computer can be affected by malware.

The best way is to flag the Riskware. Riskware will detect every file before coming to your computer.

FileRepMalware in UTorrent:

Many users complain that the antivirus in their computers detects viruses in every version after 3.4.9.

Although there is no malware in the uTorrent, the antivirus being the safeguard of the computer shows the notification every time.

UTorrent still does not answer such queries. So, what you can do is, you can skip the notification and use it freely without any kind of fear.   

FileRepMalware in AVG:

FileRepMalware files or other virus-affected files are targeted by the antivirus and popup the notification to the users so they can be alert.

But as mentioned above sometimes like Avast, AVG also shows some false-positive results for the files to be infected.

To solve the problem, follow all the steps that are mentioned above.

FileRepMalware PUP:

The FileRepMalware PUP ransomware will help to increase the fund’s transfer for the purpose of reducing the dangerous effects of Trojan that are becoming stronger time by time.

To solve this issue you can extract the executable code. You can also create RWX memory. You can also read the data out of its own binary image to remove the virus.


FileRepMalware is a tag that can label by a third-party antivirus. This is due to the use of cracked versions of software. FileRepMalware has also tagged those files that are not signed by their publishers or if the signatures are not trustworthy.

The antivirus also labels the files as FileRepMalware, if not many users use those files.

Follow any of the solutions mentioned above to remove these kinds of files and protect your computer.

But if none of the solutions work then use the Restoro Repair Tool to do so easily and quickly.

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