500 Internal server error

In this article, we will discuss the following questions. What is “500 internal server error”? What is the cause of “500 internal server error”? How can we fix this “500 internal server error”? What is …

500 Internal server error

In this article, we will discuss the following questions.

  • What is “500 internal server error”?
  • What is the cause of “500 internal server error”?
  • How can we fix this “500 internal server error”?

What is “500 internal server error”?

It is the HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) server type error. “500 internal server error” rises when the server triggered unexpected conditions and it is stopping to accomplish the result.

What is the cause of “500 internal server error”?

The leading cause of the “500 internal server error” is which resources we requested are either corrupted or outdated.

How can we fix this “500 internal server error”?

This error is a type of server error, it is mainly caused at the server end, but it can also happen at the user-end too. Let’s suppose it is at the user end, then how can the user fix it. 

For this, there are several ways to fix it on the user end.

Following are some useful ways through which you can fix the HTTP 500 error.

  1. Reload or refresh the web page
  2. Clear the browser cache
  3. Clear browser cookies
  4. Try website from another browser

Reload or refresh the web page

To reload or refresh, press the f5 key or right-click your mouse, and then the refresh option will appear to click it, and the page will load within seconds.

Clear the browser cache

If refreshing the page is not working, then go to the more option (three dots on top right corner) and then go to the settings and clear the browser catch.

Delete browser cookies

Deleting the browser cookies will help to load the page that is showing 500 internal errors. By this, those cookies of the browser that stop the website from loading will be deleted, and the web page loads.

Try website from another browser.

If none of the above methods worked on your browser, try another browser to search the website.

If it is still showing the same error, “500 internal server error,”. Then, complain to the website because the fault is at the website end.

And come back later, after some time, because the issue will be resolved at the server end.

But, as it’s a server-side error and you are a developer, and now your users face this error, how could you fix it?

Well, you don’t need to worry. We are here to help you.

There could be several reasons that can trigger “500 internal server error.”

But most common reasons could be:

  • Permission error
  • Php time-out
  • Coding error in .htaccess

Permission error

“500 internal server error” is commonly caused by permitting incorrect PHP and CGI files. And they lead the website to the “500 internal server error”. This usually should set 0755(-rwxe-xr-x).

But when a permission error causes in the WordPress website, that should be set at 644(-rw-r-r) or 640.

PHP time-out

Php time out or simply the memory limit of the PHP could be a cause to generate “500 internal server error”.

Check it, and to avoid this error on your website, increase the performance of a website set time-out scripts on your PHP. Increase the PHP memory limit from Cpanel. This may help to remove 500 internal server errors.

Coding error in .htaccess

Well, it might be the reason that can trigger 500 internal server errors. But make sure to check your site’s .htaccess is well structured and its .htaccess configuration. Any syntax error could be a possible reason for not loading your webpage and showing an error 500 internal server error.

To check the configuration of the .htaccess file, you can temporarily rename it and load the website.


“500 internal server error” arises when the technical issue is on the server-side (in the website’s backend programming of the website). But as a user, sometimes your system can also show you this error because of browser unnecessary cache or some cookies that are stopping the web link to load.

And you can rectify this error by performing simple methods as mentioned above.

If they are not helping you load the page, the error must be on the sever-side.

If you are a developer of a website and your website is not loading, you will wonder, what issue is stopping it load? Where to check? How can I resolve this issue? And similar to questions like that, in this article, we discussed the most common reasons that can cause a hurdle for your website to load and show error messages.

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